Latvian Archives Ancestry Research 

Price: EUR 35/hour
Please note that due to limited access to archives the onsite document research will take much longer time than usually.

We believe that details are the most interesting additions to your family tree, therefore we collect, translate, and outline church registers and other sources of information on your ancestors, such as their status and occupations, places of residence, studies or military careers, etc.


The research is based on documents available both online and on site, at the Latvian State Historical archive (LVVA).

What is required to start the research?

Please collect all possible information on the ancestors to be researched beforehand. Note that post-1914 vital records are not available to the public or researchers. Read more about how you can obtain birth, marriage or death certificates of your relatives under FAQ.

In some cases, we are able to start research without these certificates and locate the family in the 1935 or 1941-census lists.

What is included in the report? 
  • translations of the church registers;

  • outlines of other documents with important information;

  • digital copies of all found documents;

  • historical maps with marked farm locations (if requested);

  • GEDCOM file or family tree (if required).

How far can we trace your ancestry?

If there are Latvians in your ancestral lineage, you might be able to research your family history as far back as the beginning of the 19th century, when surnames were adopted. Most Latvians were serfs and received their surnames only between 1826 and 1834. In some cases, it is possible to go further back in the 18th century.

German Baltic ancestors can be traced back much further. They were freemen, with surnames and of higher standing in society, so there is generally more information about them in historical sources. 

How much will it cost?

We suggest starting with the ten-hour research plan, and then you can decide on further priorities after receiving the first report.

About twenty to forty hours might be necessary to trace one surname line, but each case is different, and, each location has different available sources, therefore the sources reviewed, and the time spent on research can vary.

Few church registers have alphabetical name indexes, and many have been indexed in the last years by volunteers of, but many church registers, especially in Latgale Region, still have to be reviewed manually, page by page.


​University of Latvia (LU) Student File

Price: EUR 200

Information about ancestors who studied at LU during the Interwar Period is available in Latvian only, on the LVVA Studentu datubāze. Some, but not all, student files are digital and also available on the FamilySearch website. The student files are in Latvian, and most include a photograph and some biographical information, such as place of residence, names, previous education, and courses attended at LU.

The package includes:

  • digital photographs of the complete file, which can be from five to thirty pages, and

  • a summary of the information included in the file.

A full translation is not included in the final price, but can be ordered, separately.


Latvian Army Officer File

Price: EUR 250

Latvian Army officer personal files from the Interwar Period that are available in the LVVA archive contain full biographical information: a detailed list of their military career; their participation in WWI and the subsequent battles for Latvian independence; information about their marriage and children; and may include an autobiography written by the officer.

Such personal files are not available for conscripted persons. The Archives Portal Europe database lists all officer files available in LVVA (use modern Latvian spelling for names and surnames).

Some of the files are digital and available on the Family Search website.

The package includes:

  • digital copies of the complete file (ab. 10-50 pages), and

  • a summary of the biographical information included in the file.


A full translation is not included in the final price, but can be ordered, separately.


KGB Files

Price: EUR 350

This package includes information about the ancestors who had been arrested by the KGB in the 1940s. Thousands of Latvian inhabitants were arrested by the Soviet regime from 1940–1941 and after WWII, accused of being hostile to the Soviet regime and sent to prisons in Russia. Many of them died, or were killed, but some survived and returned to Latvia. In most cases, relatives who emigrated from Latvia, did not know the fate of their arrested relatives. This research project does not refer to the mass deportations of 1941 and 1949.

These criminal case files are in Russian and include interrogation protocols, dates and places of imprisonment, as well as the date of death or release. Most of the files contain a photograph of the arrested person.

The package includes:

  • photographs of the complete file (could include up to or more than fifty pages), and

  • a summary of the information included in the file.


A full translation is not included in the final price, but can be ordered, separately.

For this research project, a signed power of attorney and copies of the documents proving your relationship to the ancestor (birth, marriage certificates etc.) are required.

Please send us the name, birth date and place of your ancestor before purchasing this research, and we will check if the file is available for that person.


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