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Agnese Lūse

I have degree in German from University of Latvia, and a certificate in Cultural Management from Latvian Academy of Culture, and have had extensive experience working on varied cultural projects. While doing research for a documentary film by the German filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim, more than ten years ago, I was introduced to archival work, and since then have continued my interest in researching the history of people and places in Latvia. I acquired my palaeography skills through four courses organised by the Latvian Society of Archivists.

Along with Anna Žīgure and Pēteris Bolšaitis I worked on a book "Latvijas klusie varoņi" (The Silent Heroes of Latvia). It tells about people who, risking their own lives, saved others during and after WWII. The book was published March, 2017.

I am fluent in Latvian, Russian, German, and English.

Dace Alsberga

I began my journey into the world of genealogy eleven years ago, while researching my family history in Gramzda and Durbe parishes, in southern Kurzeme, and Jaunpiebalga, in Vidzeme.  At that time, the Latvian State Historical archive had just launched their online digital collection, Raduraksti, but I continued to travel all the way from Talsi to Riga because there was so much more to discover in the archival documents, on-site.

Since then, it has been ongoing self-education about Latvian history through books, exhibitions, and lectures, the most useful of which have been four palaeography classes organised by the Latvian Society of Archivists.

My interest in local history and passion for verifying some popular tales about Talsi and its people resulted in my contribution to two books: “Talsu patērētāju kooperatīvi (1920-1945)” (Talsi Cooperative Societies (1920-1945). 2016.) and “Talsu namu stāsti” (Stories of Talsi Houses. 2017.). I have published articles on local history in Talsi regional press and on Aleksandrs Pelēcis Association website.

I am fluent in Latvian and Russian, and I can read and communicate in German.

Santa Vītiņa

I have studied History at the University of Latvia and beside family history research, I am interested in the local, eighteenth to nineteenth century history of Kalnciems civil parish. I have obtained my palaeography skills at the training classes of the Latvian Society of Archivists.

I am fluent in Latvian and can read Russian and German.

Dace Lieciniece

Although my formal education is not connected to genealogy—I studied landscape gardening—I have always been curious about my ancestry. Over eight years of researching my own family history, I created a large tree with many branches, and, working patiently like a detective, I found lost relatives in Latvia, USA, Australia, and Canada. Throughout this process, I learned a great deal about the traditions, culture, and history of Latvia. For me, research is like time travel, and my knowledge of Russian, German, and English has helped me very much in this voyage.


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