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About Me

My name is Agnese Lūse. I have degree in German from the University of Latvia, and a certificate in Cultural Management from the Latvian Academy of Culture, and have had extensive experience working on varied cultural projects. While doing research for a documentary film by the German filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim, more than ten years ago, I was introduced to archival work, and since then have continued my interest in researching the history of people and places in Latvia. I acquired my paleography skills through four courses organized by the Latvian Society of Archivists.

Along with Anna Žīgure and Pēteris Bolšaitis I worked on a book "Latvijas klusie varoņi" (Latvia's Unsung Heroes). It tells about people who, risking their own lives, saved others during and after WWII. The book was published March, 2017.

I am fluent in Latvian, Russian, German, and English.

When there is too much work for me alone I gladly share them with my colleague Dace Alsberga who is an experienced and competent researcher especially when it comes to Talsi region local and family history.

Agnese Lūse
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