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We are a team of dedicated and experienced family historians in Latvia. We search for and read vital records and other documents revealing your family history in German, Russian, and Latvian and translate them into English. Every fact in our reports is based on historical documentation—with the source reference—and all reports include digital copies of the original documents. We are also able to locate your ancestral homesteads on both historical and modern-day maps.


Our Research Plans

Latvian Archives A​ncestry Research

We will collect, translate, and outline information about your ancestors, not only from church registers, but also from other sources, such as census lists, passports, house books, periodicals, and others.

EUR 35/hour

University of Latvia Student  File

Copy and biographical information from the University of Latvia

student file, Interwar period.

EUR 200

Latvian Army

Officer File

Copy and biographical 

information from the Latvian Army officer personal file.

EUR 250

KGB Files

Copy and biographical

information from the criminal case files from 1940s.

Currently not available

EUR 350


 “We are all very happy with the report you have provided and all the documentation you have supplied. It is very detailed and very informative for future searches. We believe that you have given us our monies worth and more!"

- Ingrid, Australia

“Thanks so much for your excellent, thorough and highly professional work. I shall certainly recommend you to anyone I encounter who would like to do similar research in Latvia.”

- John, USA

“Thank you all for your help. It has truly opened up a new world.”

- Erica, USA



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